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about charters

when you need the flexibility of time and destination then a charter flight will accommodate your specific needs. Saltspring Air offers cost effective charters with unmatched custom service. Does your schedule have some flexibility… if so, find out more about our current split charters, our travel agents will be happy to discuss with you.

is a charter best for you?

consider the questions below to help determine whether a charter flight is best for you:

  • need to be at the airport at a specific time for a connecting flight?

  • want to transport a group of people easily and cost effectively?

  • have a private dock in which you would like to be dropped off or picked up?

  • have a large amount of luggage or cargo accompanying you?

  • have to be somewhere in a hurry, early in the morning, or later in the evening?

  • need to arrive or depart from a specific destination?

  • want to meet up with the rest of your group who are boating?

enquire about a charter


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