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Saltspring Air has a dependable fleet of planes. For some of you knowing the ’technical stuff’ about the aircraft is fascinating. Read on…

“The Beaver”

The deHavilland Beaver or DHC- 2 was first flown in 1947. The Beaver is one of the most successful single engine aircraft ever produced. It was in production from 1947-1964 and over 1657 aircraft were made. These aircraft can be configured for wheels, skies or floats. Three of Salt Spring Air’s Beavers are on floats.
See a cool clip of the upcoming movie “The Immortal Beaver”:
And a cool fact… one of our Beavers’, C-FZZJ, at one point was owned by deHavilland test pilot Russ Bannock. Read all about him at:

beaverscan3003 picSaltspring Air plane in snow picSaltspring Air planes over water pic

Saltspring Air pilot

Beaver specifics
• Power plant Pratt & Whitney R985 engine 450 hp.
• Top speed 110 knots
• Normal cruising speed 100 knots
• Propeller is manufactured by Hartzell
• 6 passenger capacity
• Max. Gross weight 5090-5370 lbs.
• Aircraft type – piston engine
• Wingspan – 48 ft.
• Range – 550 miles
• Service ceiling – 10,000 ft.
• Length: 10m
• Height: 3.18m
Our aircraft are modified and outfitted with:
• Extended baggage compartments and float hatches to accommodate luggage
• Improved performance with extended engine mounts
• 3 bladed props for increased speed and reduced noise
• New interiors & ear protectors to maximize comfort
• Bubble windows for good visibility on scenic tours
• Equipped with GPS, 2 radios, and transponders to stay in constant contact with base operations


plane promo pic
 beaverscan_drawing picSaltspring air beaverscan pic

beaverscan cockpit drawing pic


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